Gagan Reyat

One of the best decisions we took for our 6 years old Son. The teachers are top notch professionals and ever ready to find a solution. A must recommend.

Unnikrishnan K

Very professional and knowledgeable. She has lot of patience. She does a good job and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a dedicated teacher for their kids.

Creative Jashu

Participating in such type of programs really builds confidence in students. I specially appreciate Team for taking the great efforts in teaching via Abacus, so I would like to Thank you. I highly recommend it.

Ginakshi Kapoor

My son aged 6 years is studying in 1st standard. After joining Mi Abacus his listening skills, memory recall, mentally calculating speed of arithmetic work improved a lot now. he had gained extra interest in all other activities like drawing, dance etc.

Damanpreet Singh KHALSA

Abacus has made my little brother smart in maths. First he use to run away from calculation, but now he has become lot more confident and does the calculations quickly. I am satisfied with his performance. He does very well and secures good grades, I recommend everyone to learn “Abacus” from Mi abacus and have […]

Prabha Rajagopalan

The most sincere, hard working, never give up, enthusiastic, punctual, very accommodative, highly responsive, patience, very positive, passionate & professional teachers. I am sure you are going to be leaders in all the industries you take up. Really an inspiring couple. My son Rihan is 6+ has almost completed the first level in abacus & […]

Gurkirat Arora

Abacus education has made my daughter’s calculation very fast, she can solve any type of sums within few seconds, she was good in maths but with abacus play way technique she has become better, quicker & accurate. I am very happy with her overall performance & I think all children should join “Mi Abacus” for […]

Lilly Sharma

Best Abacus teaching for kids. Facilities, staff, quality education and more over grooming for kids, extra activities participation for kids. Best place for kids. Learn and groom

Aarti Mathur

Having a very good experience with MI Abacus team. It’s a professional platform to make your child learn about abacus from scratch.