Thinking of starting a School Franchise?
Here is a Startup Opportunity For your Entrepreneur Journey With An International Standard Abacus School In Your City.

Terms & Conditions

Kindly read the following terms and conditions carefully regarding franchise  option.

1. The cost of stationary goes to the company which needs to be taken from parents.

2. No Royalty fee is to be paid by the franchise holder to the company.

3. The training and stationary should be availed from the assigned master franchisee holder by paying advance payment.

4. Stationary can also be availed directly from company only in case of bulk order ( minimum 100 kids). Courier charges in every case to be borne by tge franchise only.The cost of stationary in case of bulk order remains the same i.e. Rs 2000 only.

5.The cost of franchisee is Rs 75,000 only inclusive of all taxes.

6. Representatives of the company will be reponsible for conducting live demo in order to spread awareness about abacus and introducing the concept to the public for the first centre of the franchise only. Liability for opening up of further centres lies upon franchise only.

7. Training would be allotted levelwise to the trainee with the aim to ensure quality education and to ensure progress of the kids under trainee’s supervision.

8. If the franchise donot wish to open up the centre , he / she is entitled to training after signing the agreement stating cancellation of franchise. The franchise holder , in this case cannot use the company name , logo or stationary in any form.

9. Stationary of the kids would also be provided level wise , only after a written and mental visualisation examination by an external teacher.

10. Its important to regulate the working conditions and teaching pattern of the franchise. An designated team may visit the centre for the same as per their schedules.

11. The new centre should be at a minimum distance of 4 km with reference to google map from the existing mi abacus centre of other franchise. The same franchise has no distance limit in opening up of centres.

12. No outsider should be allowed to sit in class during the teaching hours. No material or idea should be allowed to move out through any person known or unknown.

13. A franchise holder is required to arrange his/ her own teacher if required. A new recruited teacher is entitled to professional training and certification only after paying the training amount of 10,000. No assistance with regard to teachers to be provided by the company.

14. The tuition fee chargable from kids needs to be in accordance with area chosen for opening the centre. The prevailing fee should be charged which can not be more or less than the already existing fee.
15.The fee in schools or in any corporate tie up may be decided by the franchise holder itself.

16. The franchisee or training fee, in no case is adjustable or refundable.

17. If the person cancels the franchise , a notice would be sent to all its existing centres stating that it’s no more the official and authentic centre of mi abacus.

18. If the franchise holder signs in cancellation franchise form, he/ she is not entitled to use Mi abacus stationery in any form.

19. Stationary to be provided level wise to the kids. Stationary would be discontinued by the company once a child drops the course. Next level stationary to be alloted once the last level book has been checked and stamped.

20. If a franchise is found running two brands of abacus at the same time, the case would be considered as of fraud and franchise stands cancel.

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